Bad Breath, and how to get rid of it

The vast majority of cases of bad breath (or HALITOSIS) are caused by the bacteria that sits in between or on teeth. The bacteria will multiply quickly if not regularly treated with good oral hygiene. Many people are unaware that the bacteria and plaque exist until they suffer from bleeding gums, bad breath or worse loose teeth!

Help is at hand with Sleep Lane Smiles oral hygiene programme that is tailor-made to each and every patient to get you scoring top marks for plaque control which will mean no more bad breath.

Our hygienists will help you to find ways to achieve a perfect score with your oral bacteria by getting them down to zero. Your bad breath should eventually go through brushing your teeth twice a day, daily flossing with either flossing tape or interdental brushes and mouthwash. We also highly recommend you visit our dental practice in Whitchurch Bristol for twice-yearly checkups as well, to monitor and remove any minor plaque build up.

Our excellent oral hygiene programme which includes professional cleaning and instruction to reduce inflammation and the nasty germ. We can advise you how to get your mouth healthy with helpful hints and tips on the best brushes, mini-cleaners and mouthwash. We will monitor you regularly to ensure the permanent good oral health and sweet smelling breath.

Call or email Sleep Lane Smiles to make an appointment today with one of our hygienists on 01275 891820 and we’ll have your bad breath cured in no time.