General Dentistry

Sleep Lane Smiles is extremely dedicated to high standards of dental care for all family members. Our friendly team of dental staff are continuously trained to offer you the very best in dental care in our relaxed and recently refurbished dental practice here in Sleep Lane Whitchurch. Sleep Lane Smiles has been fitted with the latest equipment available giving you total re-assurance in any dental treatment you receive.

Nervous patients can be at ease at Sleep Lane Smiles, we will talk through all procedures with you and clearly explain what treatment is necessary and what we are doing and can use Air Abrasion to remove any decay, a gentle alternative to a drill and injection.

As well as routine dentistry, advances in Dentistry gives us the opportunity to create beautiful smiles with the most up to date treatments including cosmetic dentistry, implants, veneers, and smile design.

White Fillings

Beautiful long lasting tooth coloured restorations to replace the dark metal fillings that will match the colour of your teeth.

Root Fillings

Sometimes a nerve in a tooth may die off and a root filling may be required to secure the tooth long term. Root canal therapy, contrary to popular belief is not a painful procedure. Our dentists are highly skilled in this field and have had extensive post graduate training to ensure a successful outcome. (See pictures of dental treatments).


If a tooth has a large restoration or fracture, a crown (rather like a hard hat) may be the solution to improve the strength and appearance. We offer beautiful tooth coloured ceramic crowns and employ only the most highly skilled technicians to match to your existing teeth. (See pictures of dental treatments).


A veneer is rather like a false fingernail and can be used to disguise discoloured, stained or chipped teeth. Veneers can be used with or without orthodontics and in smile design dentistry. (See pictures of dental treatments).


We provide only the best cosmetic dentures using extremely lifelike prosthetic teeth. A very popular denture material is the valplast partial (See pictures of dental treatments). This is a very thin bendy denture base with built-in invisible clasps. It is light, lifelike and virtually unbreakable.

Air Abrasion

Our prepstart air abrasion machine is the gentle alternative to an injection and drill. It uses microcrystals to remove decay and damaged tooth structure with no drill vibration, no water, no anaesthetic, and no smell. Our patients love this, you will too.

Oral Surgery

Our highly skilled dentists will carry out most oral surgery procedures here in familiar surroundings. These include wisdom tooth removal, apicectomies, bone grafting prior to implant placement, implant placement surgery.

We have a strict cross infection control policy as set out by the British Dental Association.