Treatment of Tooth Wear

Over time your teeth are subject to a great deal of wear and tear. Some people suffer serious consequences as a result of this including pain in the jaw joints, difficulty in eating and loss of facial height which can give an appearance of premature ageing.

Our dentists at Sleep Lane Smiles will be happy to assess the teeth for signs of wear and to help you find ways to address this growing problem. As more of us retain our teeth into middle and old age and with increases in ‘healthy food and drink’ we see this is an area that requires careful management.

Clench your teeth and you will wear your teeth away

Around 30% of us grind or clench our teeth whilst asleep. This is known as ‘Bruxism’ and can be the cause of headaches, tension in the neck, shoulders and jaw pain. Common signs of bruxism are worn down or chipped teeth.

Signs of clenched teeth

  • Do you get headaches, jaw or neck pain especially in the morning?
  • Have you noticed your teeth wearing
  • Have you had damage to dental restorations (eg crowns, veneers, fillings) for no apparent reason?
  • Are your temples or jaw muscles tender?
  • Do you experience discomfort whilst chewing?
  • Does your jaw make a clicking sound?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you should contact Sleep Lane Smiles Dental & Cosmetic Centre for an appointment to discuss non invasive treatments to minimise this wear. Book an appointment today on 01275 891820.