White Braces


Cfast is an innovative cosmetic orthodontic procedure that straightens the front teeth, producing aesthetic results in as few as 8 weeks

It is not a replacement for conventional orthodontic treatment, but is aimed at the “social 6,” involving simple corrections that can be carried out easily by your accredited Cfast dentist.

By using aesthetically pleasing clear brackets and tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires placed on the front surface of the teeth, Cfast is readily accepted and proving hugely popular across the world.

Unlike many clear aligner systems, the movement is more predictable and is typically completed faster with the average treatment time being just 5 months.

Cfast are very discreet and hard to notice unless people get really close, Cfast will not affect your speech or eating, we have placed them on some very famous people without the press ever knowing.

How do the teeth move?

The animation below shows how the thin nickel titanium wires that clips into the tooth coloured brackets, which are precisely placed onto your teeth gently pull the front 6 teeth back into alignment to give a more pleasing cosmetic result.

Wired Braces

Fixed braces are the most commonly used orthodontic appliance. With fixed braces, small metal brackets are attached directly to the surface of your teeth. Metal wires are then pushed through the brackets. The memory wire is what moves your teeth. At each appointment it is bent and shaped. As the wire slowly returns to its original shape it pulls the teeth with it moving them slowly. First the crown of your tooth will be moved, followed by the root.  Treatment with fixed braces generally takes between two and three years.

If you are keen to have fixed braces but would prefer a more discreet finish, lingual braces can be attached to the inside surfaces of your teeth so that they are less visible.

Before treatment:

  • Teeth are thoroughly checked for any decay and/or gum problems (x-rays, photos and impressions will all be used).
  • Tooth extraction (if required) will be performed prior to the fitting of your brace.

During treatment:

  • Regular monthly or bi-monthly appointments are required to allow for checks and adjustments on your brace.
  • Alternative accessories (face masks, headgear, biteplates) may be required. Always follow instructions to ensure that treatment continues well.
  • Remember to look after your teeth really well during any orthodontic treatment. With fixed braces the risk of tooth decay is increased.
  • Be aware of your diet- avoiding sweets and sugary drinks which could damage your teeth.
  • Hard foods can also damage the brackets and wires.
  • At times your brace may feel a little uncomfortable. This is quite normal and standard painkillers should help. Sticking with softer diet for a few days can also help you to feel more comfortable.
  • If you find that metal wires and brackets rub on the inside of your mouth dental wax can be provided.

After treatment:

  • Every patient is different, however the average treatment time for fixed braces is between 2 and 3 years.
  • Average treatment time for removable braces is generally less (around 1 year).
  • With fixed braces, you will attend a de-banding appointment so that they can be removed. Your teeth will also be cleaned and polished.
  • You will need to wear a retainer for a specified period of time in order to prevent your teeth from relapsing. This can be a removable appliance of a fixed lingual brace- depending on your requirements and personal situation.