Children’s Dentistry

Sleep Lane Smiles Family Friendly Children’s Dentistry

Sleep Lane Smiles is very keen to encourage children to visit us regularly and to offer the best treatment available for your child. As parents ourselves, we are very aware of the need for regular dental monitoring combined with the most relevant oral hygiene education.

We like to make the visits as fun and interactive as possible, using intraoral cameras where appropriate to show children what is happening in their mouth. Puppets are also on hand with big teeth and giant sized toothbrushes to help us to demonstrate good oral hygiene habits. Our hygienists offer a full preventive programme for children including diet advice, professional polishing, tooth brushing instruction, disclosing solutions (to show up dirty teeth!) and much more.

If your child needs some treatment we can often fill baby teeth using a new air abrasion device. This gently removes decay without the need for anaesthetic, there is no water and no vibration.

Sleep Lane Smiles is extremely dedicated to high standards of dental care for children and all of the family and only offer treatment on a private basis. This enables us to spend more time with our younger patients and to provide them with the same advanced treatments and materials that we offer adults.

Dental braces – start them young

It’s never too early to look at your child’s orthodontic development. We can detect from an early age if problems from overcrowded teeth are likely to develop and advise you on the best course of action.

Dental Care Plans for Children

We offer dental plans allowing you to budget for your child’s dental care, which include insurance in the event of dental injury. A full range of sports mouthguards are available, which are highly recommended if your child plays sport of any kind. There is no substitute for a custom made sports mouthguard if you take part in contact sports. From accurate impressions of your teeth, our laboratory will make a well fitting comfortable mouthguard so you can get on with your match. All are provided in a protective case and name insert.