Dental Examination

At Sleep Lane Smiles we carry out a thorough examination of the teeth, gums and lining of the mouth at every visit. We use the latest intra-oral cameras so that you can see what we see and archive all x-ray images for any follow up consultations. Sleep Lane Smiles has recently been extended and modernised and is likely to be the most up to date dental practice in Bristol with the latest equipment available to our patients (View a 360 Tour here).

It may be necessary to take dental x-rays and we have an OPG scan film, which provides an incredible amount of information including presence of unerupted wisdom teeth, cysts in jaws, abscesses and fractures which can be referred to at later visits when needed.

intra-oral-cameraAn intra-oral camera

  • Lets you see what we see
  • Minimises your time in the dental chair
  • Archives images for later review

Prevention of tooth decay and gum disease

We firmly believe that prevention of tooth decay and gum disease is far better than cure. Regular attendance to see the dentist and hygienist is encouraged for all patients at Sleep Lane Smiles as this enables us to keep a close track of changes that may be taking place in your mouth. It is vitally important to encourage good preventive habits and our team of dedicated dentists and hygienists will work with you to achieve this through your oral hygiene tailor made programme.